Following a cancer diagnosis, Martina Navratilova offers a health update.

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Martina Navratilova, a tennis legend, has given an update on her health and well-being while she waits to begin chemotherapy. To remove the tumor from her body, she had two surgeries and four biopsies.

Navratilova revealed earlier this month that she had been given a throat and breast cancer diagnosis. Navratilova was unable to travel to the Australian Open as a result of the diagnosis. But Navratilova appeared to be in a really good mood while she was on Tennis Channel.

“I’m all set to leave. ready to begin the course of treatment. I’ve undergone two surgeries, four biopsies, radiation, and am currently waiting for chemo. But I’m prepared to leave. I’m also prepared to move forward in other ways. I’ve got my squeezy stuff ready for when I get to play again.

These Wimbledon resistance bands were recently discovered in my supermarket bag; I have no idea how they got there. I also have my customary water bottle. I’m now ready to leave. I wish I could be there, it’s so lovely to be among you people. However, I’ll be there the next time “According to Navratilova on Tennis Channel.

The tennis world as a whole is praying for Navratilova.

Navratilova received a breast cancer diagnosis 13 years prior. Navratilova overcame the illness more than ten years ago. She was unfortunately diagnosed with throat cancer in addition to a recurrence of her breast cancer.

The initial prognosis for Navratilova’s cancer was extremely positive at least since it was discovered in its early stages. “Stage 1 throat cancer has been identified in Martina Navratilova. Martina will start her treatment this month with a positive prognosis.

The cancer is of the HPV variety, and this variety responds particularly well to therapy “An announcement from January 4th was read. Following Navratilova’s announcement of the diagnosis, she began receiving supportive notes from players all around the tennis world.

Navratilova took the time to thank everyone who provided supportive messages in one of her Twitter updates.