“I had a breakthrough,” says Rafael Nadal.

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Whatever the result, Jack Draper learned a lot from his Australian Open first-round encounter with Rafael Nadal. The young British tennis player reflected on his match with the top Grand Slam champion.

“I will always remember competing against Rafa in a venue like Laver. It’s been a privilege to compete against him. When he was younger, I always looked up to him as a tennis player. Being here today hand in hand with him has been a fantastic experience.

I take away that my tennis is getting closer and that I still have a lot of physical work to go “, Draper said in remarks covered by “Punto de Break.” “I was quite pleased to attend this tour. I trained with my trainer for five solid weeks, and I was surprised by my own performance.

Naturally, building a physique will take time and perseverance, but I’ll do everything in my power to position myself for growth, he continued. The British player eventually developed muscular issues that prohibited him from finishing the game in top physical condition.

“Simply cramps. At the start of the third set of the match, when I was performing at my peak, I began to experience them. I’ve never experienced it before. I must research the cause. There is still a ton of work to be done. It is impossible when you go up against an opponent like Rafa.

My hip gave me the greatest cramps. Although they have significantly cooled down, it still hurts, admitted the current world number 38.

Rafa Nadal remains driven.

Rafael Nadal qualified for the second round of the Australian Open despite being matched up against the youthful and threatening British player Jack Draper, proving once again that he is physically stronger than his rival.

Data were so crucial to the Spaniard that, as he admitted in the post-match press conference, he even dropped weight over the off-season. I performed well physically. I’ve lost a lot of weight since last year. In order for the effects to ultimately materialize, I have been exerting myself physically over the past few weeks.

I experienced a breakthrough today, Monday. A crucial game was won by me. Results come through hard work. I mentioned that I’m not bad physically. My legs move fairly quickly. It’s challenging to distinguish things in tennis. You can position yourself better on the court and strike the ball more accurately when you are self-assured and hitting without thinking.

I believe I’m quick on the field even though I don’t have all the automatics as normal. I just need to prolong the good times since I train properly.”