Maria Sakkari was furious with Diana Shnaider and said, “If she screams in my face one more time…”

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The Greek tennis star was irritated by Maria Sakkari’s perception that Diana Shnaider was overdoing her celebrations. Shnaider put up a loud yell and gave herself a fist pump after serving out the final game of the second set to draw the set at five games each.

Sakkari lost it and let the chair umpire know exactly how she felt because Shnaider had also reacted to the point before with a strong outburst. “if she yells in my face one more time. No, no, no, She’s moving closer to me once more.

I’ll say it again and then I’ll talk to the referee, “To the chair umpire, Sakkari spoke.

Sakkari was able to gather herself after the incident, serving out the 11th game before defeating Shnaider in the next game to take the second set.

Shnaider, who was ranked 106th, was one set away from claiming the biggest victory of her career when Sakkari came back to win 3-6 7-5 6-3.

On defeating Shnaider, Sakkari

For the first time in her career, 27-year-old Sakkari and 18-year-old Shnaider were playing against one another.

After the game, Sakkari acknowledged that his lack of familiarity with Shnaider’s style of play played a part. “Playing a character you’ve never seen or portrayed before on tour is difficult. I had some reservations. She was playing aggressively and swinging extremely hard.

I am aware that I should have been more aggressive because I was sprinting and defending every ball while standing quite far from the baseline, which is not my style. I made an effort to find solutions, and I believe I was successful. I believe I’m good at trying to find solutions and enhance my game while playing, “According to Eurosport, Sakkari stated following the game. Sakkari will face Lin Zhu in the third round of the Australian Open.