Nick Kyrgios and his girlfriend on Netflix are something David Goffin is “not interested” in seeing.

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ex-world no. 7 When asked if he would watch Break Point on Netflix, David Goffin replied that he wasn’t very interested in “watching Nick Kyrgios hanging out with his girlfriend.” Break Point made its Netflix debut on January 13 in five parts.

Kyrgios was the player that received the greatest screen time in the first episode because it covered some of his 2022 Australian Open campaign. During the Australian Open last year, Kyrgios was joined by his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi, so naturally there were several scenes where she was also visible.

“I have not yet watched it. In terms of watching Kyrgios hang out with his girlfriend, I have no genuine interest. Players and those who reside on the tennis circuit will not find this series intriguing. According to Goffin and 7NEWS Australia

Goffin doesn’t want to see Kyrgios hang out with his girlfriend,

Australian media criticized Kyrgios for withdrawing from the first United Cup too late owing to an ankle issue.

Kyrgios responded to the criticism leveled at him via his Twitter account. By emphasizing that he was the player chosen by the Netflix producers to be featured in the first episode of their tennis documentary, Kyrgios took aim at his detractors in his message.

“Haha, so after all this, all the journalists and media saying how horrible I am for the sport, insulting the game, and just a pure villain, I am going to be the number one episode on Netflix – to build our fan base, essentially attempting to put tennis back on the map.

You all seem extremely silly right now for basically putting more money in the coffers of everyone engaged in tennis. The volume of your apologies should match how disrespectful you were, Kyrgios said on Twitter. Goffin and Kyrgios have both pulled out of the Australian Open in the meanwhile.

Goffin retired owing to illness, while Kyrgios retired due to a knee injury. I must regrettably withdraw from the Australian Open. I can’t participate or go to the court today since I’ve been unwell all night. Time to rest up and get ready for the next occasion.

See you @australianopen next year,” Goffin wrote on Instagram.