Ons Jabeur sympathizes with Naomi Osaka

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Tennis players shouldn’t be rivals off the field, according to Ons Jabeur, who has assured Naomi Osaka and other players that she is there if anyone needs assistance. During the 2021 French Open, Osaka, a four-time Grand Slam winner, talked openly about her struggles with anxiety and melancholy.

Osaka made two significant announcements this month. First, Osaka disclosed that Jabeur will now be represented by her sports agency EVOLVE going forward. Osaka mentioned in her statement how Jabeur has been treating her well ever since they first met.

Then, Osaka revealed last week that she is expecting her first child and that she is pregnant.

Jabeur on Osaka: I’m here for you whenever you need me.

“I am aware of Naomi’s struggles. I don’t know how she did it.

But I always attempt to let other players know that I’m there if they need assistance. Some gamers think it’s odd. Why is she behaving that way? However, it originates from a pure heart. It’s only a tennis competition; nothing is at risk.

You don’t need to be tough off the court. Simply be friendly and cheerful, and try to have as much fun as you can. I’m absolutely different on the court. Even though I’ll give it my all to win, as I shake your hand, the game is over and we move on to something else.

I completely understand why other athletes choose not to act that way, but I prefer to smile and laugh with everyone because that’s just who I am, Jabeur told The Guardian. Some began to question if Osaka’s career as a professional tennis player was over when she withdrew from the Australian Open.

Osaka later revealed she was expecting a child, but she insisted that she was still actively playing professional tennis. Osaka announced that she would be participating in the Australian Open once more in 2023. Osaka will concentrate on pregnancy in 2023.

Osaka might actually need this because there won’t be any tennis-related expectations or pressure on her this year. We might witness a revitalized and extremely driven Osaka in 2024.