Rafael Nadal discusses the impact fatherhood has had on his life.

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Rafael Nadal acknowledged that having his family by his side at the Australian Open helps a lot and called being a father one of life’s most precious experiences. Nadal, 36, and his wife welcomed a kid into the world in October.

Nadal is in Melbourne for the opening of the 2023 season with his wife and young son. “Well, how about anyone. Without a question, it is among the most beautiful things in life. I’m therefore relishing this new experience, having a great time, and feeling extremely thankful and lucky to have them with me here in Australia.

That is very helpful,” Nadal added.

Having a strong opening round at the Australian Open, Nadal

When Nadal was paired with young British player Jack Draper in the first round, his luck wasn’t very good.

Draper, who last week advanced to the semifinal of the Adelaide 2 tournament, put up a good fight against Nadal, but the reigning Australian Open champion prevailed 7-5 2-6 6-4 6-1. Nadal was quite complimentary of Draper, 21, after the match.

“He’s a tremendous player, young, and has a lot of promise. I believe the future is bright. So that was a very difficult match. Totally respect him. Good luck to him in the future. He is, in my opinion, in a great position to have a successful season.

Nadal said of Draper, “I am glad that I was able to win against a great player this afternoon. Draper defeated Nadal in the opening game of the second set after dropping the third set. Then, as Nadal finished off a four-set victory by winning six straight games, Draper began to experience cramps.

Draper was questioned about his decision to play with cramping after the game. “No, I think the other man worked hard to get in that situation if you’re maybe 3-1 down or 2-1 down in a fourth set after three and a half hours.

I’ve learned to just stay in the game in that circumstance rather than retiring; let them win the game because they probably will. Even though I’m in a lot of pain, I need to finish the match and give him the victory he deserves. Otherwise, you would have retired and whatever. Just complete the game,” Draper advised.