Top analyst: “Novak Djokovic looks so fresh.”

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After a year apart, Novak Djokovic made his way back to the Rod Laver Arena and, with a commanding victory, drove the shadows of his physical issues from his mind. The same things continue to exist. While he doesn’t always perform well and doesn’t always go to extra points, he plays the game he needs to play, but especially the one he wants to play while facing Roberto Carballes Baena, a genuine regular who proves to be substantially more challenging than anticipated, at least throughout the first two sets.

finding consistency and, most importantly, concreteness. In order to wear down the Spaniard, he obviously trades a lot, frequently projects near the net, and tries to vary as much as possible. The Serbian sensation, who is vying for his eleventh Australian Open victory, was absolutely unfettered in the third set and was better able to read the Spaniard’s first serve and groundstrokes.

The nine-time champion’s 6-3, 6-4, 6-0 score after just over two hours of play is essentially a logical outcome as he extends his winning streak in Australia to 35 matches following his loss at the Australian Open in 2018.

Fabio Fognini‘s visit lasted longer than anticipated due to a series of weather delays and other conditions, including a hot day that added to the second day’s already chaotic schedule. The Italian tennis star gave it his best effort in his matchup with Thanasi Kokkinakis.

In the great majority of instances, not much. The transalpine moved slowly from one side of the track to the other, perhaps constrained by a physical issue as well. Andy Murray also earned a significant win. The epic match against Matteo Berrettini, which lasted five sets and nearly five hours, ended with scores of 6-3, 6-3, 4-6, 6-7, and 7-6.

Carballes Baena is defeated by Djokovic

Today’s Team articles by Mats Wilander highlighted Novak Djokovic‘s situation. According to the Swedish theory, having no competition for a while gave him the advantage of not losing, which allowed him to preserve some confidence.

Mats claims that this particular experience is equivalent to going through a severe illness. He emerges intellectually stronger. Mats also thinks that the Serb has improved the Serb’s physical ability in this area.

Djoko has a 25-year-old body rather than a 35-year-old man’s physique. Better: He made his legs stronger. He thereby strengthened his game. No one worries him since he appears so young and vibrant. The sole exception is Nadal, who is unbeatable on clay.