A former ace claims Rafael Nadal was “pushed a little too much on.”

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Rafael Nadal‘s removal from the Australian Open in 2023 is without a doubt the most significant development of the third day. Due to a hip injury that he sustained in the second set of the match, the American Mackenzie McDonald defeated the defending champion in three sets on the Rod Laver Arena.

The Spaniard’s recent months have been a misery because he hasn’t been in the best of health and hasn’t been able to play as much as he would have liked. After losing to Taylor Fritz in the Wimbledon 2022 quarterfinals and pulling his abs, the former world number one was no longer able to give his all in his performances.

Rafa will leave the Top 5 at the conclusion of the Australian Open while he waits to learn the full nature of the hip ailment (he is virtually in sixth position). Given his advanced age and ongoing medical issues, many think this was the Mallorcan’s final visit in Melbourne.

At the news conference, Rafa said, “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t mentally shattered, but tomorrow is another day.” We’ll watch to see whether he can get up.

Rafa Nadal was defeated by McDonald.

The famous consultant for Eurosport, Mats Wilander, was an attentive viewer of Rafael Nadal‘s defeat against Mackenzie McDonald on Wednesday in the second round of the Australian Open. The Spaniard had sustained a hip injury, but he still wanted to complete the match.

“Due to McDonald’s strategies, Rafa was pushed a little too hard on his forehand side. We’re looking at a 36-year-old player who hasn’t played enough games, so in my opinion it’s a technical knockout. Of course, that’s due to a lot of bad luck, as in the 1980s, nobody hurt their hips because the game wasn’t quick enough. There were times when you were actively pursuing an objective, but the steps in between hits were never painfully loud. Today’s game is completely different, and anything can happen.

You have to push right away, and there’s a lot of luck. It’s considerably faster. Heartbreakingly, Rafael Nadal‘s attempt to compete in the 2023 Australian Open was unsuccessful. The Spaniard explained, “It’s really just that I enjoy what I do.

“Tennis is a sport I enjoy. I am aware that it is temporary. I enjoy feeling competitive. I enjoy standing up for the causes I have championed for more than half my life.