An Australian journalist accuses Fabio Fognini of tanking.

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Rain forced multiple interruptions in Fabio Fognini and Thanasi Kokkinakis’ Australian Open 2023 first-round match, which was ultimately called 6-1 6-2 4-2 in favor of the young Australian star.

The Italian tennis star committed a lot of unforced errors and didn’t seem to be in the finest of shape. Fognini never succeeded in alarming his opponent since he handed off control of the exchanges to him. The cameras have often captured Fognini‘s right hand, which is bandaged and slightly bloodied.

It is possible that the Italian game is constrained by this bodily discomfort.

strong allegations against Fabio Fognini from Australia

On the other hand, several Australian media have leveled severe accusations against Fognini and have used the term “tanking,” a term that refers to a situation that the ATP has always worked to stop.

a procedure wherein the commitment is purposefully kept to a minimal during a formal meeting. “I’m not sure how to describe it. What we’re witnessing is self-evident “Adam Peacocks said this while the game was being broadcast on Nine’s Wide World of Sports in Australia.

Technical commentator Roger Rasheed explained: “Should we assess Kokkinakis’ performance? Thanasi has good pace, strikes the ball well, and serves well. He is quite agile. Although his opponent hasn’t yet tested him, his game is incredibly strong.

On the court, Fognini is very creative and always seeks out fantastic shots, but today he is not responding.” Instead, journalist Marc McGowan of the publication The Age criticised Fognin in the following manner: “Fabio Fognini is approaching the tanking line extremely closely and appears uninterested in the match against Kokkinakis. Also, I was kind.” Fognini and Kokkinakis will continue their challenge, and the Italian will be required to accomplish a heroic deed in order to reverse the outcome. It is apparent that it will be necessary to assess the Italian’s physical condition and strength.