“I know how to manage it,” said Novak Djokovic.

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The first significant tennis competition of the season, the 2023 Australian Open, has finally started. It is obvious that many fans and experts around the world are very interested in this tournament. The most anticipated tennis player in Melbourne is without a doubt 9-time winner Novak Djokovic.

The Serbian champion, who skipped the Australian competition last year because he wouldn’t get the Covid-19 vaccine, has been the subject of much discussion. His choice has generated a lot of debate, led to his expulsion from the competition, and drawn anger from many fans who have not yet processed and accepted his choice.

The Major that he directed’s general director, Craig Tiley, had reacted to the announcement of the 21-time Grand Slam champion’s participation: “I just hope that everyone has fun and understands how to appreciate everyone’s efforts and sacrifices.

We are a business that is committed to Australian athletes, but we also know how to honor the outstanding figures in international sport. I hope they treat the tennis players fairly, including Djokovic.” Haters of the Serbian champion have lately received a severe warning from Tiley, who threatened to kick them out of the venue if they heckled and jeered the Serb during his matches there.

Instead, the tournament’s 2014 champion Stan Wawrinka would be more understanding of spectators who voiced their support or disapproval in a courteous manner: The three-time Slam champion from Switzerland outlined: “They should be free to do anything they want, but only if they don’t cross the line.

Every year, all the players participate in it. Tennis is like that. The game is like that. Naturally, Novak’s situation last year resulted in a number of errors, in my opinion. They won’t boo him, I believe.”

Optimistic is Novak Djokovic.

Novak Djokovic is confident that he will do well at the 2023 Australian Open.

When it comes down to it, the results are just numbers, according to Novak Djokovic. “I mean, I’ve been in situations before where I’ve played for some really big historic things, and I’ve been blessed to have more success than failures in those particular situations, so they’re just numbers,” he added.

I know how to act and how to handle the situation. See how far I can get.” Balance it out with a regular activity that you must complete properly in order to stay in the present, which is when you can function at your peak ability — at least in my situation — he advised.