Maria Francisca Perello, Rafael Nadal’s wife, sobs during the Australian Open.

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Maria Francisca Perello, Rafael Nadal‘s wife, sobbed as she watched her husband battle an injury in the second round of the Australian Open. Following a 6-4 6-4 7-5 defeat to Mackenzie McDonald, Rafael Nadal, who won his second Australian Open championship in 2022, saw his title defense for the tournament come to a conclusion.

Despite the fact that Nadal was obviously having trouble, he refused to end the game. After the match, Nadal confirmed he had a hip issue and said he didn’t feel it would have been appropriate to retire as the reigning champion.

“I didn’t consult my team; I’m old enough to decide for myself. Since I was the current champion, I didn’t want to leave this place. The sport’s guiding principle is to give it your all, regardless of the odds, according to Nadal, as quoted by Eurosport.

Nadal was “mentally shattered” following the Australian Open’s cruel luck.

Nadal‘s health has made the previous several seasons all but simple.

Nadal now has an injury at the very beginning of the 2023 season. Nadal confessed that was a heartbreaking way to end his Australian Open run after being eliminated. It’s annoying and challenging to accept.

I am unable to claim that life is wonderful at the moment. I have to acknowledge that this is a difficult time and press on. In the end, I have nothing to grumble about. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t mentally wrecked, Nadal remarked.

Although Nadal‘s 2023 season has gotten off to a very difficult start, he has stated that his career is still young and that he would make every effort to play tennis again. It is unknown when Nadal will play again, but we do know that he has committed to playing in Dubai, which begins in late February.