On Fabio Fognini’s tanking controversy, Thanasi Kokkinakis made a statement.

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Thanasi Kokkinakis was able to end the first round match against Fabio Fognini after numerous delays brought on by weather forced part of the match to be played on day 2. The Australian tennis player defeats the Italian opponent in three sets.

Journalists from Australia charged the Italian of “tanking,” which is the deliberate technique of exerting the least amount of effort possible during a competitive event. At a news conference, the Australian was questioned about this allegation and their prior behavior. “Since we’ve played three times, I’m currently 3-0 versus him.

Unless he consistently tanked. I’m serving good and playing well, and I believe I didn’t offer him many opportunities. He was in the top 10, but I have no idea how he feels or operates. He who is aware. He doesn’t care whether others believe he has been tanking, in actuality.

The important thing is that I’m in round two.”

the second meeting with Murray

Thanasi Kokkinakis will play Andy Murray after defeating another Italian, Matteo Berrettini, after the win against Fognini. In a news conference, the Australian opted to celebrate the victory of the former world number one against the new number between Italy, recalling Winston Salem, where the Grand Slam champion instructed him on how to play his backhand: “I have a lot of respect for Andy.

He has certainly held the highest position at the table and can somewhat relate to the injury and such. Both he and I have lost a significant amount of time, particularly recently. However, I don’t believe there is any doubt about his character regardless of whether he has a metal hip.

His approach to the sport, his fortitude, his ability to play and win games, as well as his commitment and love to the game, all speak volumes about him.”