“One of the key reasons is undoubtedly,” said Novak Djokovic.

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The Australian Open is Novak Djokovic‘s top priority, and John McEnroe hopes the Serb responds to the challenge at Melbourne Park. Djokovic, a nine-time winner at Melbourne Park, was turned away from entrance into the Australian Open the previous year.

Djokovic would have been a contender for a fourth consecutive Australian Open championship if he had been permitted to compete at Melbourne Park a year earlier. McEnroe thinks that Djokovic is once again the man to defeat now that he is back in Melbourne.

“He is, in my opinion, the favorite. He must undoubtedly be dealing with a variety of emotions, that much is certain. It’s been one of the wildest years I’ve ever witnessed any athlete—let alone one in our sport—go through. He obviously wants to demonstrate that he still has it, and most of us and I believe that he does, so we shouldn’t be surprised “told Eurosport, McEnroe.

Djokovic was visibly shocked over the Australian visa fiasco but would not criticize the Australian Open or Melbourne. Djokovic emphasized both before and after his arrival in Australia that he had no ill will toward the country.

McEnroe called what occurred to Djokovic a year ago “absurd,” but he now feels it’s encouraging to watch the Serb respond in this manner. “It would be challenging to remain angry. It’s wonderful that he appears to be in a decent state of mind and that he has forgiven the Australian government or the tournament, whoever, because what happened was just awful.”

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At his most recent news conference, Novak Djokovic was questioned about the new Dunlop tennis balls that are being used in the 2023 Australian Open.

They are slower than in past years, the Serbian is certain of this. “This year, the balls have altered. The ball gets bigger or hairier and moves slower as there are more interchanges and playing time. Popyrin has been playing for four hours, while Ruud has been playing for three and a half hours, according to what I can observe.

The ball is definitely one of the key reasons why I believe games will be lengthier this season. I don’t believe the pace of the court has changed much; the stadiums are a little slower than the outer courts, but the ball is slower, which has an impact on the game “.