Rafael Nadal: “I tried not to make it worse”

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At the Australian Open in 2023, the victor abdicated, leaving his throne empty. Rafael Nadal had already cast doubt on his dedication in the first round and reiterated it in the second, but Mackenzie McDonald outperformed him from beginning to end in what was unquestionably the best match of his career.

For the Spaniard, who struggled throughout the American’s victory in straight sets with scores of 6-4, 6-4, and 7-5, it was not an easy task. McDonald’s was the undisputed winner. With a break in his favor, he assumed control from the first “game” on and went on to win the first set.

He again began the second episode with a break in his favor, but despite having an advantage and losing service in the ninth point, the Spaniard managed to catch up to him this time. Nadal experienced his first physical issue just as the second set was coming to a close.

He was rendered immobile. The Spaniard finished a game when he had no other options due to his tendency toward self-love. McDonald just took advantage of the opportunity to defeat him in straight sets. The Spaniard’s physical condition is more concerning than the outcome or his early elimination at Melbourne Park.

Rafa hadn’t lost in the opening two rounds of a Grand Slam in seven years. And as a result of this poor performance, he will at least slip to box six in the ATP rankings. McDonald is now waiting for his next opponent and is steadily making progress as one of the event’s underdogs.

What do you think of Rafael Nadal‘s brief appearance in the Australian Open in 2023?

Rafa Nadal was defeated in unbroken sets.

In 2023, Rafael Nadal lost the Australian Open in heartbreaking fashion. “I omitted to ask them. I am of legal age to make my own choices.

I wanted to be the defending champion here, so I didn’t want to retire. I didn’t want to retire from the court, that’s for sure. Better in the end like this. I lost. Not much to say. congratulate your adversary, “He commented. “At the same time, that is the sport.

Just give it your all to the end. regardless of the chances you have. That is the sport’s guiding principle. That is the sport’s fundamental component. Since I didn’t know what was happening, I tried to follow it throughout my tennis career and, of course, not do further harm “Added he.