“That influences the game,” said Novak Djokovic.

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In three sets, Novak Djokovic defeated Roberto Carballes Baena to win in Australia for the 35th time in a row. The Spaniard put on a fantastic performance, but after pushing himself to the limit in the first and second sets, he utterly broke down in the third.

The Serbian won convincingly by a score of 6-0 and only dropped four games in the final set. After being forced to miss the Australian Open due to having his visa cancelled, Djokovic‘s return to Melbourne went smoothly, and the public welcomed him with their usual enthusiasm.

“I thought people’s reactions were great. On the field, I was well accepted, especially by Australia’s sizable Serbian population. I was showered with a lot of love and support. In terms of support, I couldn’t have hoped for a better start “At a news conference, Djokovic stated.

“The leg is healthy. He hasn’t quite attained peak performance or optimum shape, but he is getting there. Today’s test was excellent. I haven’t been doing much tennis-related training lately. I genuinely believed that everything would go according to plan down the track, and it did.

I’m quite happy that my mood improved as the game went on. Third set was excellent. It is a reliable sign. My leg was tested. I felt a little stiff at first, even mentally. I wished to keep my misery private. So it took me some time before I started to like the game.

I also had to adjust to the way my rival played. I hadn’t faced him in a very long time. Especially in the second set, he played and served brilliantly. But by the conclusion of the second set, I had improved. I’m overjoyed to have completed the game in this manner.

Ulises Badio’s relationship with us is over? It was unfortunate that he couldn’t continue the experience, but both sides had made that choice.”

Djokovic started out well.

At his most recent news conference, Novak Djokovic was questioned about the new Dunlop tennis balls that are being used in the 2023 Australian Open.

They are slower than in past years, the Serbian is certain of this “This year, the balls have altered. The ball gets bigger or hairier and moves slower as there are more interchanges and playing time. Popyrin has been playing for four hours, while Ruud has been playing for three and a half hours, according to what I can observe.

The ball is definitely one of the key reasons why I believe games will be lengthier this season. I don’t believe the pace of the court has changed much; the stadiums are a little slower than the outer courts, but the ball is slower, which has an impact on the game “.