“I was unable to hit the backhand at all,” said Rafael Nadal.

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It speaks for itself, the picture. Rafael Nadal approaches the tunnel leading to the locker rooms with a bag on his shoulder, a sluggish walk, and his head bowed. The stamp appears after his defeat in a Grand Slam was once again primarily caused by physical issues.

This time, the hip kept him from giving Mackenzie McDonald his all-out effort. When discomfort surfaced in the second set, the defending champions and top seed resisted the urge to quit. And in the second round of the Australian Open, he was defeated by the American by scores of 6-4, 6-4, and 7-5.

In the press room following the match, Nadal stated, “I’m exhausted, unhappy, and disappointed.” “I assume that from this point forward, as things develop, the right choices will be taken because I want to keep playing tennis. Having stated that, please don’t assume that I wish to go back; this is not the case, but I don’t feel good right now.

The 36-year-old Spaniard spoke frankly about an occurrence that has becoming more frequent. He has experienced substantial physical discomfort during the last three Grand Slams, which has required a lengthy recuperation period. The 22-time Grand Slam champion said, “It is apparent that it is again, that in the previous three Grand Slams I have not been able to finish any of them in excellent condition: two abdominal tears, here I do not know what is going with the hip.

You don’t have to fake yourself and give an upbeat speech when you aren’t feeling it today. “We can come here, put on a brave face — which I do — and accept things — which I also do.” The Spaniard could not conceal his disappointment just an hour after bidding farewell to the Australian Open: “I have never been in a position to complain.

I have no right to complain because life has provided and continues to offer me so many good things, but it is obvious that things are happening because in sports, the glass fills up and a certain moment arrives when the water can spill out.

Rafa Nadal considers his injuries.

During the second set of his Round 2 defeat against Mackenzie McDonald, Rafael Nadal suffered an injury.

“Days like these have occurred before, but none have compared to today in that movement. I’m not sure. We’re going to start talking about that right now, but I don’t know if it’s a joint or a muscle,” he said. “I’ve had problems in the past with my hip.

In the past, I had to receive treatments and speak briefly. Not to the extent of the problem. Rafael Nadal stated, “At the moment, I feel immobile. “I always think about stopping, but I held off asking the physiotherapist until the very end. I must understand myself.

I also made an effort to keep playing without upping the damage. No, that is all. I was completely unable of using the backhand. I was unable to chase the ball down. But all I wanted was to win the game. That’s all, he declared.