Legend has it that Novak Djokovic “does not have the physique of a…

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Novak Djokovic got off to a great start in the 2023 Australian Open. After competing in Melbourne the year before, the Serbian champion defeated the Spanish Roberto Carballes Baena with ease, only dropping seven games. The former world number 1, who was heavily favored to win the match, gave up just four points to his rival in the third set.

In order to catch his enduring opponent Rafael Nadal at 22 Grand Slams, Nole needs to capture his tenth title in Melbourne Park. Recall that the 35-year-old Belgrade player missed two Majors in 2022 as a result of his decision to forgo the coronavirus vaccination, which also hurt his reputation greatly.

The “Djoker” atoned for his transgression by matching his idol Pete Sampras by winning his seventh Wimbledon. Mats Wilander recently lauded Djokovic‘s capacity to take care of his body in an interview with “L’ Equipe.” The Serbian exudes a wonderful sense of youth despite being 35 years old.

Nole Djokovic and Mats Wilander

Today’s Team articles by Mats Wilander highlighted Novak Djokovic‘s situation. According to the Swedish theory, having no competition for a while gave him the advantage of not losing, which allowed him to preserve some confidence.

Mats claims that this particular experience is equivalent to going through a severe illness. He emerges intellectually stronger. Mats also thinks that the Serb has improved the Serb’s physical ability in this area.

Djoko has a 25-year-old body rather than a 35-year-old man’s physique. Better: He made his legs stronger. He thereby strengthened his game. No one worries him since he appears so young and vibrant. The sole exception is Nadal, who is unbeatable on clay. Vasek Pospisil, a Canadian tennis player and co-founder of the PTPA, thinks Rafael Nadal will be a close second to Novak Djokovic in the race for the 2023 Australian Open championship.

Pospisil expressed his hope for Djokovic‘s victory to Stadium Astro. “He’s definitely my favorite, in my opinion. It’s challenging to choose someone else if you have to choose a favorite. Having said that, it is apparent that so many outstanding players and extraordinary skills have been together for a single week.

Just by virtue of him being Rafa, it goes without saying that he has a strong chance of winning as well. I would place him just behind Novak as the favorite,” the Canuck continued.