Parents were concerned that I couldn’t support myself through tennis, according to Matteo Berrettini on Netflix.

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On Netflix’s tennis documentary, Matteo Berrettini disclosed that his family wasn’t very wealthy and that there was a time when they worried he wouldn’t be able to support himself through tennis. The Grand Slam finalist and former No. 6 in the world, Berrettini, 26, is one of the best players of his generation.

On Break Point, Berrettini reflected on his tennis career and stated that he “was not supposed to become this tennis star.” “My entire family plays tennis, so it’s in my blood. However, I never expected to rise to the level of a top-10 tennis player.

I wasn’t really talented. I wasn’t particularly strong. I was merely tall and lean. like a giraffe, for example. My parents were worried that I wouldn’t be able to support myself through tennis because we were plainly not wealthy. Are you sure you want to do this, they asked. I recollect saying, “Yeah, I want to do this,” to them.

They said, “The only thing we want is that you give everything you have to what you’re doing.” Consequently, each time I enter the court, I exert my full effort “In the second episode of Break Point, Berrettini explained.

Berrettini undoubtedly delighted his family.

Berrettini, who became a professional in 2015, unquestionably brought honor to his family. Eight years after going pro, Berrettini has seven trophies under his belt and has been regarded as one of the top players in the game for the last few years.

Additionally, according to the ATP website, Berrettini has received prize money of $10,794,890 during his career. In April, Berrettini, who will turn 27, will begin his prime years. It is no secret that Berrettini has a big game and that winning a Grand Slam is one of his top priorities.

When Berrettini retires, he’ll undoubtedly be remembered as one of the greatest tennis players in Italian history.