Rafael Nadal has a good chance of winning, according to an ATP star

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Rafael Nadal‘s physical attributes are constantly questioned since they are so far below his playing ability. The 36-year-old Spanish tennis player, who is ranked second in the world, won his opening match at the Australian Open, defeating the British Jack Draper in four sets, but he said that he felt great afterwards.

“Physically, I’ve done well at work. I’ve lost a lot of weight throughout the last few years. In the past few weeks, I’ve put a lot of physical effort into getting the results. For me, it has been a turning point.

I’ve achieved a significant victory. The outcomes of your labor come. I’m not bad physically, like I said. I can move fairly quickly on my legs. Tennis makes it challenging to keep things distinct. You do better on the track and travel farther when you are self-assured and hit without hesitation.

I believe I’m making progress even without having all the automatisms in place as standards yet. The top Grand Slam winner stated, “I’m training well and I just need to prolong the good times. He stated, “I am well,” when asked about the abdominal injury that kept him from playing during the season’s final stretch in 2022.

Of fact, your abdominal wall takes longer to recover if it is torn twice. I struggled for a few months to toss the ball high when serving. Unconsciously, you alter how you throw the ball to avoid forcing it. My serve needed a lot of improvement.

In order to play the American Mackenzie McDonald in the second round, Nadal will need to regain his energy. Do you believe the Spaniard’s physicality will be sufficient to successfully defend his title at Melbourne Park?

Among the favorites is Nadal.

Vasek Pospisil, a Canadian tennis player and co-founder of the PTPA, thinks Rafael Nadal will be a close second to Novak Djokovic in the race for the 2023 Australian Open championship.

Pospisil expressed his hope for Djokovic‘s victory to Stadium Astro. “He’s definitely my favorite, in my opinion. It’s challenging to choose someone else if you have to choose a favorite. Having said that, it is apparent that so many outstanding players and extraordinary skills have been together for a single week.

Just by virtue of him being Rafa, it goes without saying that he has a strong chance of winning as well. I would place him just behind Novak as the favorite,” the Canuck continued.