The former star claims that “Emma Raducanu didn’t have enough push to…”

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The start of Emma Raducanu’s season was not ideal. While playing Viktoria Kuzmova in the necessary match to advance to the quarterfinals of the WTA 250 tournament in Auckland, the young British tennis player sustained an ankle injury.

In the opening set, Raducanu performed flawlessly and rendered her opponent useless. The tennis player, who was born in 2002, fell after dropping the second set by a score of 5-7 and sprained his ankle severely. Kuzmova exited the court in tears after the medical break failed to calm the tension, and Raducanu shook hands with her.

Only instrumental tests will be able to determine whether there are any serious injuries present and will offer a crucial update for the Australian Open 2023. The US Open 2021 champion recently stated that Sebastian Sachs would take over as her new coach in due time.

Despite having just turned thirty, the German coach has worked with athletes like Belinda Bencic and Julia Gorges. Sonay Kartal, who was Emma’s early competitor, has spoke out in Emma’s favor, shielding the young British tennis star from media criticism.

In the finals of their youth, Sonay Kartal and Raducanu constantly ran into one other. The other player, who was 13 to 14 years old, had to take a break owing to her injuries. But during the Billie Jean King Cup, they reconciled.

She revealed to the Express: “She’s in the spotlight now because of what she’s done, but she’s still so young in my opinion. The cameras have probably not been following her as intently as they are right now. They’ll berate her for every little thing.”

Henin considers Emma Raducanu.

Seven-time Grand Slam champion Justine Henin recently offered her opinion on Emma Raducanu’s elimination as the 2021 US Open champion.

“The match was tense, but Gauff displayed her expertise despite it. Emma simply lacked sufficient resources to advance to the final set. Gauff handled the crucial issues more skillfully because he had greater expertise. Both are still extremely young and must continue to grow and develop.

They’ll play a lot of games together, I have no doubt “said Henin. “The tennis world is tough. Work hard, take your time, and get to know one another. You must also be aware of who you are. Stability is beneficial since it carries you through major challenges.

If you work with a coach for three or six months, it is frequently insufficient time for you to work together, and you cannot complete the task in three or six months, “explained Henin.