The war and Daria Kasatkina: “I haven’t seen my father in two years, and I’m worried.”

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With all her bravery, Daria Kasatkina made the decision to speak out against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The response of the athlete, who was born in 1997, to the nicely phrased question posed to her by a local journalist, went viral.

“What do you desire at this time? Given your recent words, don’t you fear that they will seize your home? This concept didn’t occur to you, did it? The interviewer questioned, “Aren’t you worried you won’t be able to return to Russia, for instance?

“I simply want the conflict to end,” Daria said. After her interlocutor’s expanded assumptions, the Russian tennis player was unable to contain her tears. One of the few athletes, Kasatkina disclosed publicly that she was dating Olympic figure skater Natalia Zabiiako.

“I haven’t seen my father in two years,” said Kasatkina.

In an exclusive interview with The Guardian, Kastkina said: “I haven’t noticed any bad reactions, especially from people I know. It was amazing to come out. It is a highly sensitive topic.

I’m really appreciative; it made me feel wonderful. Numerous athletes praised me. It’s very lovely. Sincerely, I was helped by coming out. Less pressure affected me. It relieved me of some stress. Objections to the conflict in Ukraine? I’m concerned, of course.

In Ukraine, I have lots of pals. I am hearing their stories that they are telling me. When I put myself in their position, it hurts a lot. They’ve been coping with these conditions for about a year, and it’s incredibly challenging. I’d like for this to be over as quickly as possible, but I’m powerless to stop it. The response to Kasatkina’s remarks was extremely strong in Russia.

You run the risk of being labeled a foreign agent. You never know what might occur, she continued. Having the support of family and friends is crucial for many people. Because of COVID and then the war, my friends and relatives were unable to accompany me, which made it very difficult.

Being unable to regularly see the people I love is difficult. In fact, I hardly ever notice them. I haven’t seen my father in two years that I’ve been here. He is who or what he is. Sadly, that is the way life is.