Top analyst: “Novak Djokovic may have peaked too soon.”

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The 2023 Australian Open was launched by Novak Djokovic crushing Roberto Carballes Baena on the Rod Laver Arena, 6-3 6-4 6-0. The Spaniard made an effort to concern Nole, but in front of the tournament’s nine-time victor, it was evident that he had given up.

The Serbian phenomenon demonstrated superb physical condition while tossing the meager total of four points to the wind in the third set. In truth, Novak’s form was a little iffy because of his left hamstring strain, which had kept him from working out the previous days.

Even though we need to wait for more thorough examinations before passing judgment, the former world number one seemed to be paying attention. Recall that the 35-year-old from Belgrade is attempting to tie Rafael Nadal, his enduring opponent, for the most Grand Slam victories with ten in Melbourne Park.

Due to a hip injury, the Spaniard had already left the scene by the second round. Former player Mark Petchey discussed Djokovic‘s performance in his opening match in-depth with the “Grand Slam Daily.”

Petchey gives Djokovic appreciation

I believed Novak Djokovic may have peaked too early in the competition, but wow was it fun to watch because so few guys compete like he does. Added him: “There is clearly cause for alarm.

If there isn’t a problem, you won’t skip practice, which is what happened two days ago. To be honest, there were a few occasions during the game when he extended for a ball or took a few drop shots and then kind of shook his leg out afterward “explained he.

“You’re going to follow your routine and make sure everything is how it should be. Therefore, while Novak’s hamstring does in fact have a problem, it is evident that he can handle it for the time being.

Will it still exist when the more difficult tests arrive? Most likely not, and I’m sure that’s what he’s hoping for. Right now, everything appeared to be in good shape “Finally, he said. Novak Djokovic is confident that he will do well at the 2023 Australian Open.

When it comes down to it, the results are just numbers, according to Novak Djokovic. “I mean, I’ve been in situations before where I’ve played for some really big historic things, and I’ve been blessed to have more success than failures in those particular situations, so they’re just numbers,” he added. I know how to act and how to handle the situation. Let’s see how far I can push myself.