“You might not have too many left in the tank,” said Novak Djokovic.

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During his 2023 Australian Open match against Enzo Couacaud, Novak Djokovic experienced more pain than he had anticipated. The Serb did not have it easy versus the Frenchman at Rod Laver Arena because to a left hamstring ailment.

The transalpine used the notion that he had nothing to lose after losing the opening set to play an incredible second set and send Nole into extra time. In the second set, Enzo served 80% of the opening serves, forcing Djokovic to respond and penalizing him with some effective acceleration.

Couacaud’s physiological level decreased after the effort he put in in the second set, and Novak had it easy in the following two sets. The 21-time Slam winner is vying for his ninth title at Melbourne Park, which would give him an advantage over Rafael Nadal‘s 22 Slam victories.

In the second week, we’ll see if the Serbian is able to go past this physical obstacle and utilize all of his resources. Couacaud discussed his performance against Djokovic in the ‘L’Equipe’ mics. Couacaud said, “I had a terrific time the other day. It was great to play Novak Djokovic in one of the most significant stadiums in the world.

“I went to talk to my trainer while Novak was undergoing treatment, and he gave me some extremely helpful advise. We exchanged glances at one point and chuckled together because we both knew it had been a special event. I anticipate having more days like this in the future “Enzo added.

Nole congratulated his opponent during the news conference: “The condition of my leg is not ideal, but I don’t want to complain. Enzo played extremely well in the second set and deserved to win it. The fact that there is a break day in the Slams gives you time to recuperate between games.

I can’t deny that I’m somewhat concerned. I have to do my best while still accepting this circumstance.”

After defeating Grigor Dimitrov on Saturday, Novak Djokovic is not taking anything for granted as he navigates the latter phases of his career.

“The first game was a turning point; each and every point was significant. I was physically going up and down, and I respect and adore Grigor, one of the best players. Right up to the final shot, he was locked in. incredible conflict Now I guess every season counts.

When you reach the final stretch of your career, you begin to value each tournament even more since you may not have many more left in the tank.”