According to Novak Djokovic, “Normally I don’t respond but”

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Only in the last stanza of the opening set did Novak Djokovic experience the ghosts of an unresolved physical issue. After the scare, the Serbian prodigy defeated Grigor Dimitrov and returned to the top sixteen players, but more importantly, he kept moving forward toward the tenth place finish at the Australian Open and the second Slam pearl of his career.

The Serbian phenom, who also refused set points, trivially won the most crucial points at the perfect time before coming from behind to upset a foe they had already defeated 7-6(7) 6-3 6-2. lost nine out of the previous ten times.

Thus, Djokovic achieved his 59th Slam, increased his Australian Slam winning run to 24 (behind himself with 25 and Agassi with 26), and reached 37 straight victories. You should come to him, Alex De Minaur.

Djokovic establishes a definite fast pace right away. possibly conscious of the dynamics. On the same shot, he seized a 15-40 lead with a stunning backhand volley. Dimitrov, who plays tremendously linear tennis, finds himself up against a break because he lacks the means to protect himself on the left diagonal.

The nine-time tournament winner essentially strolls to 5-3 demonstrating all the limitations of “Grisha” before going back to his normal life while carrying the problem’s ghosts around in his left thigh. He significantly slows down his lateral movements when he is clearly anxious, and he also prefers to conserve more energy throughout the exchanges.

In the ninth game, Dimitrov denies a total of three set points, reclaims the lead, but ostensibly always fails in the most crucial situations. Instead, he encounters a player who understands how and when to play specific points on the opposing side.

Dimitrov loses to Nole Djokovic.

After being misled by the tennis media, Novak Djokovic has made it obvious how angry he is with them. “There must be a structure in place for the prompt protection of players in our organization—ATP or WTA—as well as someone who will act and address these issues.

It would be simple to make me the bad guy. That’s how they see me, and to me, it’s now commonplace, but I won’t stand for injustice “said he. “They do not deserve for something like this to simply be allowed or to get away with it—some things I can tolerate, others I cannot.

Even though I could have reacted thousands of times to various situations in the past, I often don’t “said he.