Indignant with the Eurosport media, Novak Djokovic yelled, “They are lynching me.”

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The Australian Open 2023 restroom incident that Novak Djokovic was accused of is causing him to feel like he is being publically lynched, the tennis player has claimed to the Eurosport media. Nole informed the umpire that he had to use the restroom during the challenge against Carballes Baena.

Djokovic‘s need to use the restroom so early in the match has been questioned by TV analysts Mark Petchey and John Fitzgerald. In his opening encounter at the Australian Open, Novak Djokovic reportedly challenged the referee to take an early toilet break.

Furious with the Eurosport journalists, Novak Djokovic

In his response to Eurosport, Djokovic urged the network to verify its facts before publishing anything erroneous and judgmental: “I’ve once again been forced into a circumstance where I must publicly respond.

I’ve had a problem with Eurosport twice in the past six months since they recruited a new London-based company to handle their social media. They confirmed to me what I had initially thought there had been someone else. Although I can’t recall all the specifics of what transpired six months ago, I did say at the time that I would no longer give interviews to Eurosport.

They afterwards apologized to me, and everything was successfully settled; but, here we are again with Eurosport promoting something that has been utterly removed from its proper context.” Then Novak continued: “Eurosport erased the published posts, including the most recent one, when I expressed my opinion through the members.

Yes, Barbara Schett apologized personally after I gave her an interview. They informed me that they also got in touch with Eurosport employees Boris Becker and Mats Wilander. I adore skiing on Eurosport, and I love sports in general, so I have nothing against them. However, these circumstances.

Our organization needs an early player protection system, or someone who responds and takes action when specific events occur. It would be extremely simple to portray me as the bad guy. They depict me in that way, and while it’s now normal for me, I don’t put up with unfairness.

I can accept some things but not others. They shouldn’t be permitted to act in this manner and get away with it just because it is acceptable. Even though I could have reacted a thousand different ways to various situations that have happened to me in the past, I often don’t.

But in this instance, they went too far. Nobody has publicly expressed regret for me. If they do, I don’t think. The Australian Open is being televised on one of the most popular sports stations in the world, Eurosport. They may apologize in front of everyone.

They have always apologized to me privately both times there have been these bad situations, the first time being six months ago, but people aren’t aware of it. Only I and the parties involved are aware of it. Because, as I just mentioned, the majority of tennis fans aren’t even aware of it.

They’ll assume that the facts still support the version in which I’m the bad guy for challenging the referee and breaking the rules by using the restroom. As a result, I was often painted as the person who does as he pleases and for whom norms have no significance, which is wholly untrue.

Thanks to the posts I made on my social media accounts, I was able to precisely explain what occurred.” Also explaining to Tennis Majors was Djokovic: “Most tennis enthusiasts will never even be aware of it. They’ll still believe that I disobeyed the rules, challenged the referee, and went to the bathroom.

I’m being made out to be the one who does as he pleases once more, which is entirely untrue. In my social media post, I detailed everything that occurred.” Also from Nole: “I’m asking it again in front of everyone: why didn’t the ATP or Grand Slam explain the problem when they can see that the media is lynching me in public? This has often occurred and there have been several such circumstances, but nothing has changed; everything remains the same.

In the end, if we are participants in this Tour, there must be a duty to the players and some form of protection. But no, you do as you please and get as much press as you like while we keep quiet.”