There may have been instances last year where…, says Andy Murray.

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At the Margaret Court Arena, Thanasi Kokkinakis and Andy Murray put on a spectacular performance. A performance that gave both players the chance to make tennis and the Australian Open history. A performance that advanced the British player even further in the history of this sport.

With this win, the former world number one moves up to the position of active player with the most two-set comeback wins. No one has ever come back from two sets behind as many times as he has in his career, 11 times altogether.

The wooden medal, which is tied between Novak Djokovic and Fernando Verdasco, is awarded to them. Fabio Fognini and Marin Cilic round up the podium. Even when players who have retired are taken into account, the Scottish Slam champion remains the best. In this instance, we must place behind him, with eleven triumphs after coming back from a two-set deficit, Roger Federer, Boris Becker, and Aaron Krickstein.

The lengthy list of records pertaining to the contest between Kokkinakis and Murray will now include this new one. With a playing time of 5 hours and 45 minutes, it is the longest match in each man’s career. After the 2012 final between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, it is the second-longest match in Australian Open history.

The third game to end after four in the morning is this one. Andy Murray disagrees with the Australian Open’s schedule, though: “I’m not sure who profits. Yes, after a game like this, that is what is spoken about here rather than the historic Murray-Kokkinakis match.

People surprisingly stayed till the very end. I think it’s great that people do it because it makes for a great atmosphere, but some people have to work the next day at insane hours. As a father, I would be annoyed if my son, who was a young soccer player competing in a competition, came home at five in the morning.”

Andy Murray discusses his future candidly

Andy Murray has expressed his desire to continue competing at the highest level in tennis.

“Obviously, I believe, it is impossible to predict when something will end. I want to finish my tennis career playing like this, competing in the biggest tournaments against the top players in the world, and being true to myself “said Andy Murray.

“There may have been occasions in the past year or so when I didn’t really feel like I was playing well or that I was enjoying my game. Yes, those efforts and sacrifices allowed me to complete those matches and play at a high level that I believe was entertaining for the audience “says he.