Top coach: “Novak Djokovic genuinely believed it.”

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By defeating Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic cemented his place among the all-time greats. The 35-year-old former world number one is in excellent shape and aiming to smash more records.

At the Australian Open, the Serbian sensation is vying for his tenth victory, which would tie him with Nadal for the most Grand Slam victories with 22. After the Spaniard had triumphed at the Australian Open and Roland Garros, the 35-year-old from Belgrade narrowed the distance by triumphing at Wimbledon the previous year.

Nole has a fantastic chance to tie the match now that Rafa is out of the running in Melbourne. The “Djoker” is not at full strength owing to a left hamstring issue, but it did not stop him from making it to the round of 16.

The protégé of Goran Ivanisevic upset Grigor Dimitrov in three intense sets, and he will now play the host, Alex de Minaur, in the quarterfinals. Patrick Mouratoglou discussed what enabled Djokovic to succeed in a video that was uploaded to Instagram.

Regarding Nole Djokovic, Mouratoglou

In a video posted to his social media channel, Mouratoglou reflected on the same, saying, “I always tell this story, that when Roger and Rafa were dominating the men’s tour outrageously, I had discussions with most of the Top-10s and they were saying to me that it was impossible to win a Slam, in their minds.”

“Then a 19-year-old boy abruptly emerged and declared out, “I’m going to beat them.” Novak Djokovic was this individual. The tennis community commented things like, “What a disgrace, how this guy can be so cocky?” It’s confidence, not cockiness, and he just so happened to do it.

He didn’t say it because he believed it, but rather because he said it “added the French coach. After they misrepresented him, Novak Djokovic expressed his rage at the tennis media in the following way: “There must be a structure in place for the prompt protection of players in our organization—ATP or WTA—as well as someone who will act and address these issues.

It would be simple to make me the bad guy. That’s how they see me, and to me, it’s now commonplace, but I won’t stand for injustice “said he. “They do not deserve for something like this to simply be allowed or to get away with it—some things I can tolerate, others I cannot.

Even though I could have reacted thousands of times to various situations in the past, I often don’t “said he.