Expert: “Carlos Alcaraz is going to have a tremendous career, but…”

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According to former Argentine player Martn Jaite, the tournament’s director, Carlos Alcaraz, the world’s top-ranked tennis player from Spain, participating in the upcoming Argentina Open was a “surprise” for the event’s organizers.

“We constantly strive for the best, but occasionally good fortune is required. When we learned that Alcaraz might visit Buenos Aires last week, the competition took on a new glow, Jaite stated at the competition’s presentation ceremony. The competition will run from February 11 to February 19.

Albert Molina, the representative of Alcaraz, initially disqualified himself from the Argentina Open because he had intended to compete in Australia for the season’s opening Grand Slam tournament to defend his world-leading position. However, an injury to the right leg’s semimembranous muscle caused him to change his mind.

“Molina called me last week and said: ‘Martn, there is a chance that Carlos would come to Buenos Aires. We decided right away (…). Even though we had great success selling sponsorships, tickets, and expectations, Jaite said that being ranked number one in the world “generates something different.”

For his part, Martn Hughes, executive director and partner of Tennium, the organization of the competition, noted that bringing the ATP ranking’s top player required a “enormous effort” financially.

“I say it quite honestly, the fact that Carlitos Alcaraz can come is a great effort. Hugues added during the presentation event, which was held in Buenos Aires, “This is not a business for the corporation, but it is a better entertainment for the public since the tournament takes another level.

Jaite noted that the date of the tennis player from Murcia’s formal competition debut has not yet been determined and that he will likely play on either Wednesday, May 15, or Thursday, May 16, “at night.”

Corretja introduces Alcaraz.

Alex Corretja, who is the youngest world number one in history, recently spoke to Eurosport about the possibility that Carlos Alcaraz will one day surpass the likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic in terms of records and statistics, despite having to withdraw from the Australian Open due to a muscle injury.

The former Roland-Garros double finalist does not accept it. “A miracle would occur. Nobody will ever surpass Djokovic, Federer, or Nadal, in my opinion. It’s my viewpoint. Although I believe he will have a fantastic career, I do not believe he will surpass Roger, Rafa, or Novak because I believe it to be impossible.