In support of Andy Murray, John McEnroe asks, “What sport goes on till four in the morning?”

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When Thanasi Kokkinakis faced Andy Murray, it was 4:06 in the morning in Melbourne. The Scotsman put his all into getting over the barrier to the third round of the Australian Open, and his tenacity is praised. However, many insiders have turned their noses up at the end-of-game time, believing that the daily schedule of matches has to be changed.

Among them is Andy Murray‘s supporter and former top-ranked tennis player John McEnroe, a pundit for Eurosport: “Even though it doesn’t happen frequently, in my opinion, they ought to prevent it. The fight will be remembered for a very long time, but it will also have a big impact on Andy’s chances of moving on in the competition.

Earlier instances of this kind of circumstance have also affected the players. What other sport, including American football, basketball, or the World Cup, goes till four in the morning? The fact that these things take place is just ludicrous.

There ought to be a breakpoint of some sort. What is the latest time at which players must stop after that? These issues must be resolved.”

“Finishing so late is awful for everyone,” said Murray.

The intensity and thrill produced by a challenge like the one staged between Thanasi Kokkinakis and Andy Murray are unmatched from the perspective of the program.

The Maragaret Court Arena match that broke all previous records was designed by the two tennis players. In fact, the contest between “Thanos” and “Sir Andy,” which finished around four in the morning, legitimately ascended to the podium by placing third (the other two are Hewitt-Baghdatis at the 2008 Australian Open and Zverev-Brooksby at Acapulco last year).

Which also left Murray himself perplexed despite the match’s triumphant epilogue: “I’m not sure who profits. Yes, after a match like that, we do come here and discuss that, rather than discussing the amazing match between Murray and Kokkinakis.

These hours are inappropriate for some persons who have to work the following day. As a parent, I would be furious if my child, who was a young soccer player, returned home at 5 in the morning from a competition. He doesn’t help them in any way. He is not helpful to match officials or referees.

He’s not ideal, in my opinion, for the fans. It is detrimental to the players. So, yes, we do discuss it frequently. He had been discussing it for a long time. These things occur when there are such circumstances and late night contests.”