In tennis, you lose a lot more games than you win, according to Maria Sharapova on Netflix

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A tennis career is filled with effort and obstacles, but Maria Sharapova said in the Netflix tennis documentary that the best ones persevere even when things are hard. Sharapova, a former five-time Grand Slam champion, was only 17 years old in 2004 when she captured Wimbledon‘s first Grand Slam victory.

Despite having the finest possible start to her career, Sharapova’s tennis career wasn’t without its challenges. “In tennis, losses far outweigh gains. But even a champion wonders, “Am I good enough?,” after leaving the court in defeat. However, you must continue to play despite it; otherwise, you are not a tennis player.

The whole goal of playing this sport is to always look for answers about who you are and where you’re going “On the second episode of Break Point, Sharapova noted.

Sharapova just took up a new role, which she adores.

After the 2020 Australian Open, Sharapova, 35, decided to leave the professional tennis scene.

Sharapova gave birth to a son named Alexander in July along with her fiancé Alexander Gilkes. Sharapova, who had a very successful tennis career, is now family-oriented and eagerly gaining knowledge about motherhood every day.

“I was truly prepared to become a mother. I had always wanted it in my dreams. I felt prepared to have a child of my own and pass along my own experiences since I have a pretty wonderful relationship with my own mother—we are really close and share a lot. I am also an only child.

Even though it is still really difficult for me because I’m still mostly trying to figure things out, I’m absolutely looking forward to watching this little boy grow up! Every day is a fresh start, and you always find out you don’t have something down.

There is always something new to discover about them, about you, and about the world. That’s absolutely lovely, but it’s also difficult, “According to Sharapova,