Novak Djokovic: I’m once more being unfairly painted as the bad guy, and nobody takes any action.

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The harm has already been done, and Novak Djokovic claims that Eurosport’s private apology doesn’t change the fact that he has once again been painted as “the villain.” “Novak Djokovic defied the umpire to take an early restroom break in his first-round match at the Australian Open,” according to a video that Eurosport aired during Djokovic‘s play against Roberto Carballes Baena.” Djokovic called out Eurosport in a message he sent out after getting criticism from the media, explaining that the “chair umpire permitted me to go to the restroom, but she told me I did not have a toilet break, but a change over break.” Djokovic is still upset because, in the views of many, he is still someone who did something wrong during his Australian Open match, despite the fact that Eurosport withdrew the post and expressed its regret to him privately.

“They apologized to me privately both times, but people are unaware of that. Because I just told you, you and I both already know this, but most tennis fans won’t ever learn about it.

They’ll still believe that I disobeyed the referee, went to the bathroom, and broke the rules. Therefore, I am once more given the impression that I act in a way that is utterly incorrect. I detailed what occurred in my social media post in detail “Djokovic discussed Tennis Majors with Serbian journalist Sasa Ozmo.

Djokovic: Why hasn’t anyone defended me?

Djokovic is also dissatisfied with the ATP and Grand Slams’ lack of assistance. The regulatory organizations, in Djokovic‘s opinion, just cannot allow his name to be disparaged for something he did not commit.

“I’m asking it again in front of everyone: why didn’t the ATP or the Grand Slam explain the matter when they can see that the media is lynching me in public? This has been ongoing, and similar circumstances have occurred frequently, yet nothing has changed; everything remains the same.

At the end of the day, if we are participants in this Tour, there must be some obligation to and form of safety for the players. However, “you do as you please and trash him in the media as much as you like, while we remain silent,” “said Djokovic.

Djokovic added that a public apology from Eurosport rather than a private one would have been preferable.