Rafael Nadal will no longer play tennis, according to a former ATP star.

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Rafael Nadal‘s ultimate objective, according to Marion Bartoli, is to win the French Open one more time. With a hip issue, Nadal, 36, suffered a terrible and devastating end to his Australian Open run as he lost to Mackenzie McDonald in the second round.

Some worry that Nadal, who has seen numerous injury issues lately, is nearing his breaking point. “I believe he has set himself the goal of winning one final Roland-Garros. Nobody anticipated that he would win the Roland-Garros that he won in 2022, the previous year.

They informed us that he could hardly move and had disastrous footing. Although it will be challenging, he has the recipe and the magic formula on this surface to be ready. He has won Roland-Garros fourteen times, and preparation is key to his success.

He’ll likely set this term, in my opinion. And if he truly believes that it fails, he can consider his options for the future, including the final tournament he wants to play in “We Love Tennis France reported that Bartoli made the statement on the Super Moscato Show.

In his post-game press conference, Nadal acknowledged to feeling “mentally heartbroken” and displayed a significantly depressed appearance. Nadal did, however, affirm that he does intend to rehab the injury and give tennis another shot. “It’s really just that I enjoy what I do.

Tennis is a sport I enjoy. I am aware that it is temporary. I enjoy the competitive feeling. I enjoy standing out for the causes I have championed for the majority, if not all, of my life.”

Corretja discusses Nadal.

Alex Corretja, a tennis analyst and former competitor, discussed Rafael Nadal: “We are aware that Rafa will make every effort to continue competing till the conclusion of his career.

So I don’t think he’ll necessarily retire after Roland Garros; I think he’ll continue playing day by day. He actually remarked, “I’m going to continue until I see that I won’t be able to continue playing,” on Spanish television station Eurosport “He spoke with Eurosport.

“Rafa won’t be finished after Roland-Garros, in my opinion. He definitely needs to take a mental step back when he has these injuries, and he also needs to heal. However, if it’s brief, I believe it will give him encouragement to prepare once more in the hopes of getting another chance to win a major, which might have a significant impact on his career.

In the end, I don’t believe we need to count on whether he wins more majors or not when you’ve been winning so much “He spoke up.