“There are no justifications for Matteo Berrettini’s removal,” a former legend said.

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The Australian Open 2023 is coming to life and the second week of the competition is drawing near, but so far Italian tennis has left many regrets on the court. Matteo Berrettini and Lorenzo Musetti, two of Italy’s top athletes, quickly lost to Andy Murray and Lloyd Harris, respectively, in significant matches.

The former tennis great Paolo Bertolucci of Italy spoke about the two Italians’ journeys during an engaging interview with the Agi news agency. Bertolucci gave the athlete from Carrara a number of justifications while speaking in considerably harsher terms against Berrettini.

Bertolucci described Matteo as follows: “There aren’t many reasons for Berrettini‘s defeat; he’s 27 years old, he was playing on the right surface, and he’s also coming to the end of his tennis career. Matteo had a drab attitude, and it is regrettable that after winning the first two sets, he blew a match point to take the victory. Murray is now a distant relative of the player we liked with the Fa Four.” Lorenzo Musetti, who also lost in the first round of the competition, was defended by Bertolucci, who said: “Lorenzo has several alibis, starting from the fast surface and the fact that his coach Simone Tartarini felt ill before the match.”

Jannik Sinner in Bertolucci

In addition, Bertolucci mentioned the other Italians, mentioning Lorenzo Sonego and Jannik Sinner, a tennis player who advanced to the tournament’s round of 16 during the evening.

According to Bertolucci “Due to an unfavorable draw, Stefanos Tsitsipas will be Jannik Sinner‘s opponent in the round of 16. He was unlucky, on the other side a wide scoreboard opened up while he caught Stefanos Tsitsipas”. Last but not least, a Sonego joke: “Lorenzo was playing against a stronger tennis player like Hurkacz, but as always he gave it his all and truly gave it a good try.” Sinner, a third-round qualifier, stated: “It’s safe to say that the game was challenging, both strategically and tactically.

I gained confidence and was able to play better tennis after I was able to break at the start of the third. During the match, I had to adjust a few things because the others didn’t work. Knowing that he is one of the top players in the world, these are the games I eagerly anticipate.

I most definitely altered my strategy from the previous year. As I mentioned, these are the games I eagerly anticipate and work hard to prepare for. Let’s see how this year turns out.”