Top analyst: “Novak Djokovic can achieve so much with…”

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At the Australian Open, Novak Djokovic did not have a simple evening. By a score of 6-1, (5) 6-7, 6-2, 6-0, the Serbian champion defeated qualifier Enzo Couacaud. However, he had to contend with a left leg issue, his opponent’s response, and a rowdy and aggressive fan.

The Belgrade native attempted to shove the spectator away at the start of the third set and had words briefly with the chair umpire. “That guy is incredibly inebriated and isn’t watching tennis here. He teases me right away in an effort to influence my thinking.

You must take action and remove him from the situation!” To ensure that the situation did not worsen, a commissioner stood in the Rod Laver Arena stands. “I don’t want to generalize because the incident only had an impact on a few people.

Both in the past and the present, the majority of people have shown respect. They are devoted followers and purchase tickets to see you perform. Some will motivate you, while others won’t. No issue for me. When someone repeatedly crosses the line, a problem develops.

From the very beginning, I could hear some drunken males screaming, one of them screaming repeatedly. He spoke disrespectfully to me, provoked me, and insulted me “Djokovic gave a press conference explanation. “I put up with it all for almost two hours, more.

I gave the chair umpire some indications. To avoid making me appear terrible, I believe they could have done more and anticipated my request. I’ll be referred to in the media as the person who ejected a viewer, after all.”

Nole Djokovic took a break for health reasons.

Recently, Mats Wilander, a former world number one, raised concern on Novak Djokovic‘s hamstring injury sustained during the ongoing 2023 Australian Open. “I don’t remember him expressing anything like that about his body, so that isn’t comforting. In all honesty, “said Mats Wilander.

“The good news for Novak Djokovic is that he can do so much with a tennis ball these days, including flattening out his forehand and serving. He did an excellent job, “added Wilander. “He’ll discover a different approach to play tennis that, in my opinion, very few players can do as long as he can go through the games. Although it’s a concern, he will play on one leg if necessary for tactical reasons “Added he.