“Elena Rybakina wants more,” said Barbara Schett.

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According to Eurosport, Barbara Schett, a former tennis pro and tennis analyst, examined Elena Rybakina’s chances during the final rounds of the Australian Open 2023. After her unexpected victory at Wimbledon 2022, the Kazakh tennis player reportedly wants even more, according to Schett.

She clarified: “The level she is playing at right now is incredible. We saw her win at Wimbledon only a few months ago, and she plays here in exactly the same cool, collected manner. She reverts to her game’s strengths, which is undoubtedly the serve, and I wonder how it feels to be able to depend on your serve at all times as she can.

She was scheduled on Court 13 and lesser courts for the first few rounds because she wanted more and another title, but finally, even before that round, people started talking about her once more. She certainly has the talent to win another Grand Slam championship, especially with the attitude she possesses.”

After winning in the quarterfinals, Rybakina said

Tim Henman continued, “Her game has so many elements that I adore.

She finished it off with poise and composure at the end, but she can hit the ball harder than anyone else when she sets her mind to it. She has a terrific chance to win another title, in my opinion.” Following her triumph over Jelena Ostapenko and subsequent qualification for the semifinals of the 2023 Australian Open, Rybakina stated: “I would say that my serving has always been excellent, but since working with my coach, I have definitely made many adjustments to my technique.

I have increased my strength in this way. There is always room for improvement, but that is my primary offensive weapon on the court, so we obviously try to work on that. Some girls are in good shape, maybe not with speed, but they have good angles on serve, so I guess all the others have to consider whether they should work more or less in that regard.

Everyone, in my opinion, is unique, and they are all merely attempting to act in their own best interests on the court.”