Greg Rusedski: Despite being hurt, Novak Djokovic is still able to win and rule.

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Despite having a hamstring issue, Greg Rusedski finds it amazing how well Novak Djokovic has been doing at the Australian Open. Alex de Minaur was defeated by Djokovic on Sunday 6-2 6-1 6-2 to get to the Australian Open quarterfinal.

Former world No. 4 Rusedski thinks Djokovic deserves a lot of credit for what he has accomplished in the Australian Open this year. “What a pro @DjokerNole is! He is still winning and dominating despite his injury.

The greatest players in the game don’t get enough credit for how they keep winning despite being injured “Tweeted Rusedski.

Against de Minaur, Djokovic felt excellent.

The first week of the Australian Open saw Djokovic clearly hindered by a hamstring issue, but he still managed to secure three victories.

Djokovic performed significantly better against de Minaur and later claimed it was the first time he was pain-free. We handle things day by day. In reality, we perform numerous tasks. Being a part of so many various therapies, equipment, and activities that we perform has been genuinely exhausting.

It was necessary at the same time. In order to make myself ready to play, it is required. I’m therefore really happy with how wonderfully my body has responded. I didn’t experience any pain tonight. I maneuvered as well as I have throughout the competition.

It indicates that we are moving in the correct direction “said Djokovic. Djokovic defeated de Minaur with ease, but the Serbian refused to “celebrate too early.” “It’s merely the body’s reaction. You might not feel as wonderful some days as you do others.

As I stated on the court, I don’t want to rejoice too soon since I don’t know how my body will react the next day or during the next game. I had a terrific feeling tonight “And Djokovic.