“I have an issue with my left foot,” said Fabio Fognini.

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On Sunday, January 22, late in the morning, Fabio Fognini said via a message posted on social media that he had performed accurate tests that had revealed a major injury to the lower limbs. In reality, the tennis star from Italy told all of his country’s admirers and supporters: “I put a lot of effort into getting back into shape this winter.

Due to certain issues with my left foot, I was sadly unable to participate in Melbourne to the best of my ability.” The player highlighted the following, then outlined his current circumstance in detail: “I performed more tests after I got back to Italy, and the medical professionals discovered a phalanx intra-articular fracture. I’ll make an effort to heal quickly and get back in shape.” The 2023 season will get off to an absolutely terrible start for Fognini.

Fabio posted a really good photo along with the exam results.

Fognini runs the risk of losing his position.

The Italian player atoned for two losses in the 2023 Australian Open before quitting the venue and departing Oceania to head back to Europe.

In his opening singles encounter against local Australian Thanasi Kokkinakis, who soundly thrashed him with a score of 6-1, 6-2, 6-2, Fabio was unable to fight. Fognini was also charged with tanking throughout the game, and his injury inadvertently proves that he wasn’t playing at his best.

The same thing happened in doubles, as he lost his debut match with Simone Bolelli against the French team of Fabien Reboul and Sadio Doumbia. The Italian will now need to get in the best physical shape possible to be competitive again on the ATP Tour. In the coming days or weeks, updates on his health will be anticipated in order to determine whether he will still be able to compete in some tournaments on hard courts or will only play on clay.