Iga Swiatek’s “Naomi Osaka-like move” at the Australian Open is praised by Mats Wilander.

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Iga Swiatek is being praised by Mats Wilander for pulling off an Naomi Osaka-like maneuver and being frank about the pressure and difficulties she encountered at the Australian Open. Swiatek acknowledged that she felt enormous pressure to perform and win the Australian Open after being shocked by Elena Rybakina in the round of 16.

Additionally, Swiatek acknowledged that she felt “that I don’t want to lose instead of I want to win” during the Australian Open. “Naomi Osaka received praise for disclosing [her struggles] and went on to win four majors. After the fourth Grand Slam, she came out and admitted that she has mental health challenges, and this was warmly received.

We never truly understood the cause, though—was it the pressure or [something else]? Iga is honestly discussing how she had a similar achievement at an early age, and we have all experienced something similar. It just so happens that sometimes you play to win and sometimes you play to avoid losing.

Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Rafa Nadal, and Roger Federer must be forgotten. They are superhuman beings. Iga Swiatek isn’t there yet, but in my opinion she’s headed in the right direction; she has a positive view and is open and frank about it, according to Wilander, speaking to Eurosport.

Swiatek has yet to win the Australian Open.

Swiatek made her first semifinal appearance at the Australian Open last year. Swiatek’s 2022 Grand Slam prospects were greatly enhanced by that outcome, as the Pole went on to win the French Open and the US Open the following year.

Swiatek has said that her 2022 Australian Open performance did wonders for her as she became confident in her ability to play well on a difficult surface. Many people considered Swiatek to be the favorite to win the 2023 Australian Open.

Swiatek will have to wait a full year before she can try again to win the Australian Open title because the pressure was too much for her to handle.