Sydney Green enrolls at Louisiana’s Xavier University!

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Sydney Green committed to the Louisiana-based Xavier University. The girl’s parents both played tennis for Xavier University of Louisiana, according to the XULA website, and her father is currently in his 20th season as the head coach of both the men’s and women’s teams at XULA.

In 2019 and 2021 and 2022, Sydney Green assisted Mount Carmel in winning the LHSAA Division I state team championship and placing second. He competed in the doubles event in the state tournament, making it as far as the semifinals in 2019 and 2021 with Casey Pappas and the quarterfinals in 2022 with Sydney’s younger sister Jordan.

After leaving Mount Carmel Academy, she stated: “Since I was a young child exploring the campus, I have always wanted to visit Xavier’s. My father constantly praised Xavier and helped me meet some wonderful people there.” By Alan Green “Sydney’s consistency and determination to always put the ball back in play are her strengths.

She is an excellent defender.”

What is XULA?

In New Orleans, Louisiana, there is a private, historically black, Catholic university called Xavier University of Louisiana. It is the first Catholic HBCU and the first Catholic university established by a saint when Katharine Drexel was canonized in 2000.

In August 2006, Senator Barack Obama delivered the keynote address. Alfred C. Hughes, the archbishop of New Orleans, declined to go, claiming that Obama was not anti-abortion and that he had not been contacted prior to the “event.”

Following his election as president, Obama went back to New Orleans in August 2010 to mark the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. He delivered Xavier a speech in which he praised the community leaders’ efforts and reaffirmed their dedication to continuing to aid in the neighborhood’s reconstruction.

The Gold Rush and the Gold Nuggets are Xavier’s sports teams. As of the 2021–22 academic year, the university is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and mostly competes in the Red River Athletic Conference. XULA participates in 12 intercollegiate varsity sports, including competitive cheerleading. Men’s sports at XULA include baseball, basketball, cross country, tennis, and track and field. Women’s sports at XULA include basketball, cross country, softball, tennis, track, and field, and volleyball. Football was one of the previous sports. Photo courtesy of the XULA website