The men’s tennis team from the University of Michigan defeats Brown University 4-0.

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At the Varsity Tennis Center, the University of Michigan men’s tennis team defeated Brown University 4-0. Will Cooksey and Nicholas Steiglehner, who were playing together for the first time this season, won 6-2 at No. 3 to help UM rapidly reach the halfway point and establish a 1-0 team lead, according to the university website. With a 6-3 victory over No. 14 in the country Andrew Fenty and Gavin Young, Patrick Maloney and Ondrej Styler improved to 3-0. Steiglehner swiftly trounced Mu 6-0, 6-1 to give Michigan an early 2-0 lead as he continued to outperform his No. 6 rivals. In his first set, which he won 6-1, Jacob Bickersteth dropped just one game. In the second, he fell behind 2-1 before coming back to win the next three games and make it 4-2.

He defeated Alex Koong 6-3 in the last round to improve to 8-2 overall and give Michigan a 3-0 lead against Brown. Fenty beat Noah Hernandez at No. 2 to seal the victory for the Wolverines. Hernandez battled to grab a 5-3 lead in the second set after winning the opening 6-1.

Fenty won the final four games to win 6-3 and raise her singles record to 18-2. Results for Men’s Singles

Alex Finkelstein (BU) defeats Ondrej Styler (U-M), 6-2, in an unfinished contest.

Noah Hernandez (BU) lost against Andrew Fenty (U-M) 6-1, 7-5.

Niraj Komatineni (BU) vs. Gavin Young (U-M), 6-4, 3-3 unfinished

Alex Koong (BU) lost against Jacob Bickersteth (U-M) 6-1, 6-2.

Roger Chou (U-M) vs Bjorn Swenson (BU) 6-3, 5-3 (in progress)

Matthew Mu (BU) was defeated by Nicholas Steiglehner (U-M) 6-0, 6-1. Results for men’s doubles

Alex Finkelstein/Noah Hernandez (BU) vs. Andrew Fenty/Gavin Young (U-M), 3-4 unfinished

Niraj Komatineni/Matthew Mu (BU) are defeated by Patrick Maloney/Ondrej Styler (U-M), 6-3.

Zander Bravo/Sam Feldman (BU) were defeated by Will Cooksey/Nicholas Steiglehner (U-M), 6-2.

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It was a pioneering institution that served as a model for other colleges in the United States when it was established in 1855, during Franklin Pierce’s administration. It is regarded as one of the top research universities in the world and among the top universities in the USA.

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