Everywhere I turn, I see, says Stefanos Tsitsipas, “Another plus.”

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For the upper portion of the draw, Stefanos Tsistipas begins as the clear favorite to win the Australian Open and advance to the championship match. That side was made available for the Greek to compete for the first time in his career in the match for the title of the first Grand Slam of the season despite already being without Rafael Nadal, Daniil Medvedev, and Casper Ruud.

Tsitsipas has previously demonstrated on numerous occasions that he struggles under pressure, but it is precisely because of this that he prefers to relax and concentrate on his work on the track. When questioned about if those outcomes could place him under greater pressure following his triumph over Jannik Sinner, he responded: “I just play tennis, instead.

If I play well, the titles will follow. That happens in the natural world. I believe that the rest of the things will follow logically if you can perform at your highest level on the court. As far as putting pressure on myself, when we play, pressure is something we all experience.

Every game is a distinct race with varied circumstances and a different opponent on the opposite side of the net. The majority of players are concentrated on it, according to the fourth-ranked player in the world right now.

“I wouldn’t say that many people think too much about potential futures, because tennis is a game in which you have to stay in the present. Otherwise, your mind starts to wander, to create scenarios and situations that do not help you to be at your best and sign great performances, “He added remarks cited by “Punto de Break”

He will take on the Czech Jiri Lehecka in the following round. Do you anticipate Stefanos Tsitsipas to win this week’s Grand Slam competition?

Tsitsipas reestablished his dominance in the competition.

According to Stefanos Tsitsipas, the Australian Open holds a particular place in his heart.

“The feeling you get when you can go around and sense that is extremely pleasant. Given that Melbourne is the second-largest city with the largest Greek community after Athens, it is unquestionably my home slam. It would qualify as my home run.

The British have Wimbledon, the French have Roland Garros, while the Americans have US Open. It’s the Australian Open for me. Another benefit is that I can see Greek faces and people speaking Greek everywhere I turn. Of course, having that sort of experience and connecting even more with the local culture is crucial when you’re distant from home.”