Jim Courier likens Novak Djokovic’s bloody victory at the AO to a “horror movie”: I’d be terrified

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Jim Courier said that Novak Djokovic‘s convincing victory over Alex de Minaur was akin to a horror film and that he would be terrified to play the Serb if he were still a player competing in the Australian Open.

Djokovic defeated local favorite de Minaur on Monday by scores of 6-2, 6-1, and 6-2 to go to the Australian Open quarterfinals. “I’ll tell you what: I would want to turn this horror movie off if I were still competing in this tournament, happened to be at home at this very moment, had dinner, and then asked, “Let’s check what’s going on on the TV.

This is not something I want to see. This is not where I would want to go if I believed I would get to play Novak.