Jim Courier shows how Roger Federer improved the fun factor of on-court conversations.

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Jim Courier thinks that Roger Federer‘s strategy for conducting on-court interviews increased the audience’s enjoyment of that part of the match. Since many years ago, Courier, a former four-time Grand Slam champion, has interviewed players on the Australian Open court.

Moreover, Courier was the one who interviewed Federer on-court at the 2022 Laver Cup. Late in September, Courier was conducting what was arguably his most significant and memorable on-court interview. Federer was chatting to Courier in front of a packed The O2 Arena while fighting back tears.

Federer demonstrated that it’s acceptable to laugh and talk a little bit more.

“Nowadays’ athletes are aware that they are still performing during interviews; they understand that they are still selling themselves to the audience and revealing a little bit more of themselves.

Specifically because Roger Federer demonstrated that it was acceptable to do so. He was the one who demonstrated that it’s acceptable to make fun of oneself, to exhibit a little more, and to speak a little more about oneself off the court. Due to the fact that it symbolizes the kind of end of his career, that one has a lot of significant meaning.

It represents him delivering, in some ways, a summary of his professional life, followed by the people who helped him get there, and it was such a moving moment that I don’t think I’ll ever participate in an interview again “According to Sportskeeda, Courier stated during The AO Show.

Federer reportedly plans to participate in the BBC’s coverage of Wimbledon in 2023. Federer is a great legend at Wimbledon and a record-breaking eight-time champion. Wimbledon was Federer‘s most memorable tournament, and many people think it would be fantastic if the Swiss player joined the BBC’s Wimbledon coverage as a commentator or analyst. It is unknown if Federer will actually make his broadcasting debut this summer.