New partner and fitness coach are hired by Alexander Zverev

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According to his brother Mischa Zverev, Alexander Zverev has begun working with fitness trainer Dalibor Sirola from the Ricardo Piatti Tennis Center. Zverev formerly collaborated with Mark Bennett, a personal trainer. Owing to a number of factors, Bennett was no longer able to go every week with Zverev.

Zverev made the decision to fire Bennett and recruit Sirola because he needed someone who could accompany him on weekly trips. “My brother and Dalibor have been close friends for a very long time. He works at the well-known Riccardo Piatti academy, which is close to Monaco.

He desired a companion who would never leave him. Currently, Mark couldn’t do that, Mischa told Sport Bild.

In addition, Zverev has a new hitting partner.

Former Russian tennis player Mikhail Ledovskikh was unable to obtain a visa for entry into the US or the Schengen region.

Zverev was forced to look for a new hitting partner as a result. In the end, Tobias Kamke, a former world No. 64, joined Zverev‘s team as his sparring partner. “I spoke with Tobias Kamke, a friend I have from the Hamburg club. He excels beyond belief at his intended task.

A partner in training at all levels,” added Mischa. Zverev lost to Andy Murray in a close game this week in his Doha debut. The fourth-seeded player in Doha, Zverev, earned a bye in the opening round before Murray defeated him 7-6 (5) 2-6 7-5.

Murray conceded after defeating Zverev that the German had been the superior player for the majority of the contest. “Of course I’d prefer to win the games more quickly, but Alex is a fantastic player and a fierce competitor.

One of his greatest talents is that he always fights to the bitter end. As a result, even after I won the first set in a close match, he didn’t give up, and by the third set, I was barely hanging on. He was creating more opportunities and, for the most part, playing better.

Murray said after defeating Zverev, “I managed to stay strong, keep fighting, gained the break at the end, and finished it off well.