Top analyst: “Roger Federer taught others how to…

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Nick Kyrgios has never tried to hide his passion for basketball; in fact, he has frequently stated that he prefers to watch NBA games over tennis. He frequently posts observations about Boston Celtics games on social media, and he even sports multiple teams’ jerseys while working out.

Kyrgios, who is now ranked number 19 in the world, compared the greatest basketball players in history to the standards of the “white sport.” “While Michael Jordan and Roger Federer are quite comparable, I believe Novak Djokovic is the superior player statistically.

It seems to me that (John) McEnroe or (Pete) Sampras would not have a chance now and would be removed at the first opportunity, but I believe that Jordan could still play in the NBA in this period “the contentious Australian player said.

Asserting that he might currently be in “retirement” if he had won the most recent Wimbledon final, Kyrgios, on the other hand, made a tough confession in his statement. “It was actually my chance to win Wimbledon in 2022. I believe I would have taken a year or two off if I had really won it.

I believe I can achieve a Grand Slam. Wimbledon was only two sets away and was right there. I felt I had it won after winning the first set, but I was unable to maintain my composure, and he was able to beat me “He made a point to mention Novak Djokovic.

Even with his words, the Australian’s charm never fails to astound; he is a standout on tour. Do you believe Nick Kyrgios will ever get a Grand Slam title?

Courier considers King Roger

According to Jim Courier, Roger Federer is not only responsible for elevating tennis, but also for bringing on-court interviews to life.

“Players today know that they’re still performing when they’re in the interview; they know that they’re still selling themselves to the audience and showing a little more of themselves,” said Courier. “Specifically because Roger Federer demonstrated that it was acceptable to do so.

He was the one who demonstrated that it’s acceptable to make fun of oneself, to exhibit a little more, and to speak a little more about oneself off the court. Due to the fact that it symbolizes the kind of end of his career, that one has a lot of significant meaning.

It represented him delivering, in some ways, a summary of his professional life, followed by the people who helped him get there, and it was such a moving moment that I don’t think I’ll ever participate in an interview again “Added he.