ATP legend: “Novak Djokovic is going to look at his schedule.”

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Carlos Alcaraz has made a spectacular comeback to winning on the circuit following the injury that forced him to miss the last events of the year as well as those at the start of 2023. He won the 250 in Buenos Aires and the first two games of the 500 in Rio de Janeiro.

The tennis player from Murcia is now back in the battle to overtake Novak Djokovic at the top of the rankings. Juan Carlos Ferrero, the young Iberian’s coach, brought up this and other issues: “It’s an odd coincidence.

These are numbers: the year has just started, Djokovic is playing at an incredible level, and Carlos needs to perform at the top of his game to be able to compete every week and win events that will put him in close proximity to Novak “The former tennis player and coach made this statement.

“I believe he has demonstrated why Novak deserves to be in the top spot given how the year has started. We got going a little later. I anticipate a big fight between the two of them as well as between nearby players like Tsitsipas and Medvedev.

We have a strong desire to complete it, and we will exert every effort.” When Roland Garros is the main objective: “Roland Garros is a lovely objective. I would be overjoyed to play there better than I did the previous year. Is a Grand Slam victory the true objective? Naturally, you feel motivated to win another after winning one.

Although we all know that Rafa, if he’s at a good level, will be the favorite, and Djokovic, who also has a very high level on clay, are in the race for the title, I believe he has the level, the qualities, and the surface to compete.

It will be quite challenging, but I have no doubt that he and I both will give it our all.” About Djokovic‘s accident in Australia. “I won’t accuse Djokovic of lying; I’ll just admit that it’s challenging. The muscle is broken, according to his own words and the constant crying.

I find that challenging because, if he were, Djokovic wouldn’t move the way he has.”

Djokovic comments from Todd Woodbridge

Todd Woodbridge, a former Australian tennis player, argues that Novak Djokovic has a greater chance than ever before of winning the Calendar Grand Slam in 2023.

“I believe Novak Djokovic has his best chance to win the [Calendar] Grand Slam ever. He might potentially win all four Majors this year, in my opinion. That, in my opinion, is his sole objective for this campaign. He’s probably going to check his schedule.

He’s going to plan things such that he performs at his best in all four Majors, “says he. “With all that has happened over the past few years, I simply believe that the stars may be coming together for him. At the Australian Open, he just outclassed everyone else on the men’s side. That gap is wider than I’ve ever seen it, “Woodbridge made a note.