Expert: “I had forgotten how much we missed Carlos Alcaraz’s smile.”

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Without opposition, Carlos Alcaraz keeps winning. After a protracted injury, the number two player in the world just made a comeback and doesn’t appear to want to stop. The 19-year-old Murcian who won the ATP event in Buenos Aires is now attempting to reaffirm his participation in the ATP 500 event in Rio de Janeiro.

The Spaniard is improving with each victory and obstacle he faces, which will be helpful for the championship in North America, which is drawing closer by the day. Alcaraz advanced to the tournament’s semifinal round and defeated the Serbian Dusan Lajovic 6-4, 7-6.

It took over two hours to finish a contest that was everything but simple. Carlos trailed in both sets by a break but came back with his characteristic unpredictability and a performance that improved over the course of the encounter. Carlos talked during the press conference following the game and sounded pleased.

“I believe my game is at a fairly high level. I still can’t compare it to how I did last season, but I’m happy with how things are going and I understand that this is a different situation now. I had a strong start last year, which I demonstrated with my victory in Miami and Rio de Janeiro as well as other competitions.

Although it is clear that I can still do better, I am content with my current playing level.” The Spanish star kept going: “I am playing extremely challenging matches right now, even on consecutive days, and I am glad because I am doing well despite my extended break from the circuit. Right now, I am at a very good level physically.

Both Lajovic and I exhibited really good physical and mental performance, and our shots were also good. I’m thrilled to have progressed and to be in the semifinals in Rio; I believe it was my greatest performance ever “.

Chizever praises Alcaraz.

Tennis analyst Geoffrey Chizever, who was ecstatic for the young player’s return to form, highlighted Carlos Alcaraz‘s exploits since his return from injury.

He’s so insane. That is incredible! He is moving similarly to how you did while you were gone for four months. The shot-making is the same. It’s insane! In the Inside-In podcast, Chizever said.

“I forgot how much Alcaraz‘s smile, athleticism, and shot-making were missed. When we witnessed him taking on Cam Norrie in Buenos Aires,” he remarked.