I don’t really pay much attention to, says Carlos Alcaraz.

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Carlos Alcaraz obviously has great objectives in mind already. He is regarded differently because of how swiftly he rose to the top of the ATP rankings and his Grand Slam victory. In the event where he is currently competing, his opponents already view him as the competitor to beat. Yet, this status as “favorite” comes with responsibilities and an easy understanding of his place on the tour.

The Spanish-speaking Juan Carlos Ferrero, his coach, outlined the team’s objectives. “A good aim would be Roland Garros. I would be thrilled to play there better than I did the previous year. It goes without saying that you feel capable of winning another Grand Slam following your first.

I believe he has the skills, attributes, and playing surface necessary to compete for the title, but we are all aware that Rafa (Nadal), who will likely be the favorite if at his best, and (Novak) Djokovic, who also plays at a very high level on clay, will also be present.

That will be really difficult, but I’m confident he and I will both offer it “the “Mosquito” explained About his desire to regain the top spot in the world, he said: “It’s just a curious coincidence, nothing more.

Those are facts: the year has just started, Djokovic is playing at an incredible level, and Carlos needs to perform at the top of his game to be able to compete every week and win tournaments that put him in close proximity to Novak.

I believe that given how the year has begun, Novak has demonstrated his merit for holding the top spot. We got going a little later. The two of them, as well as other guys like (Stefanos) Tsitsipas, (Daniil) Medvedev, or others who are near, are going to engage in a good fight, in my opinion.

incredibly driven for this to occur in this manner, and we’re going for it “. Which of these two goals do you think Carlitos Alcaraz is more likely to be able to accomplish?

Alcaraz enjoys living a simple existence.

The most well-known tennis player on the rise is perhaps Carlos Alcaraz, who has already achieved great success.

“Never remaining in one location is complicated. If you’re always traveling to different parts of the world, it can be difficult to find someone to discuss things with “Alcaraz declared. My father handles it, I suppose.

Although I am still relatively young and have my fancies, I am quite natural, ordinary, and humble. I don’t really think much about automobiles and brands. When I see anything I want, I try to acquire it, but ultimately, my father handles everything “Added he.