“I think all of that is pretty similar to the tennis court,” said Carlos Alcaraz.

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The Rio Open presented by Claro is becoming an increasingly idyllic place for Carlos Alcaraz. The 2022 winner added his eighth victory to his record in the competition, but this time with a lot of drama and good times that showed his bond with the Brazilian people.

Alcaraz defeated Italian Fabio Fognini 6-7 (5), 6-2, 6-4 in a rematch of their semifinal from the previous year’s competition to advance to the quarterfinals and improve his season record to 6-0, to which he added a victory last week in Córdoba.

“That was incredibly challenging. After the game, Alcaraz remarked, “Both Fabio and I played at such a high level. There were fantastic points and great shots. I was fatigued but ready for more. “Playing these kinds of games is amazing.

We both gave our games, I’d say, practically our everything.” Alcaraz had two break points to put it 4-0 in the opening set, but Fognini responded with some outstanding play. The Italian was outstanding in the tie-break even though he was unable to secure the point when he served for the set at 5-4.

Even under pressure, like in this situation at 4/5 when he revealed his brilliance. “After having a lot of control over the match, I had a little bit of a problem with my serve. The first set was dramatic, but there were numerous service breaks in a succession, according to Alcaraz.

“I experienced some depression at the time, and returning was challenging. Yet I am aware of how drawn out a tennis match is. I was going to have my chances to use my serve to advance the game, and I believe I did.” He cannot lie because of the numbers.

He only dropped his service once in the final two sets, at 3-0 in the third set with a break. Yet he didn’t really have a big impact. The Murcian maintained the lead he still held and soon advanced toward his second victory over the Italian, giving him a 2-0 record over that opponent.

Alcaraz, though, made a notable display of sportsmanship after Fognini was injured while making a drop shot in addition to making some excellent shots.

Now, Carlos Alcaraz is in Brazil.

In addition to playing tennis, Carlos Alcaraz enjoys playing chess.

I adore chess. requiring focus, playing against another player, strategy, and forethought All of that, in my opinion, is extremely comparable to a tennis court “explained Carlos Alcaraz. “You need to anticipate where the other player will send the ball, go ahead of him, and try to do something that will annoy him. I thus play it a lot.