Matteo Berrettini shouldn’t be concerned about criticism on social media, according to Auger-Aliassime.

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In a recent interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport, Felix Auger-Aliassime discussed himself as well as the romantic relationship his friend Matteo Berrettini is currently having with Italian showgirls Melissa Satta.

The Canadian tennis star responded to the Italian’s remarks by saying: “We frequently message one another, but I must admit that I haven’t seen the pictures. It is challenging to maintain one’s private and public selves separate in the era of social networks.

I advise Matteo to keep doing what he thinks is best for him and not to be concerned about criticism.”

Toni Nadal, Felix on his 2023, and Novak Djokovic

The native Canadian then listed his objectives for 2023: “To win a Grand Slam is my goal.

Since I’ve been playing on the circuit, my quality of play and rating have gotten better every year, and I hope to continue that trend this year. The objective is to improve on the previous year’s performance. Yet, the expectations are clearly considerably higher given how I’ve performed in 2022.

As you rise through the ranks, the pressure increases, but I’m glad to be in a position to set critical goals.” On the connection with Toni Nadal, the coach: “I’m extremely happy with it. When I chose him, I reasoned that it would be wonderful to go to a coach who had excelled in our sport’s highest level, a level I want to someday.

Respect, honesty, and trust are priorities for me; Toni laid them all out on the table.” Felix made the following observation about Serbian Novak Djokovic‘s record for weeks at the top: “It’s amazing. Even if our age might wish it wouldn’t endure so long, we simply need to look to him as an example. I doubt that any of us will be able to match his degree of longevity.”